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About Us

 Boise  Rockeoke is Live Rock Band Karaoke.  You choose a song from our massive  list (200 and growing) and we provide the live backing track: an  experience unlike any other.  Our book of printed lyrics will help you  remember the mysterious middle of your favorite karaoke tunes and our  live band will not only back you up but guide you through the  experience.  Find out what its like to be the lead singer in a rock band  without the hassle of dating four moody egotists. Chris Cullinan leads  the the rock band eternally searching for a new singer; could it be you?   A rotating cast of bassists, drummers, keyboardists and guitarists  exercise their considerable skill on your behalf with each new number.   Chris brought his conducting and arranging talents to this project as  part of court-ordered community service, but it has since turned into a  passion for helping others unleash their inner rock gods.   

Booking an Event?


Want  to be the envy of all other corporate party planners? Rockeoke will be  the perfect addition to a holiday party or corporate event. 

We also do weddings! What an amazing way to celebrate your big day and fun for all the guests. 

Bars/Music Venues

 Are  you a bar owner or booking agent tired of boring old karaoke three  nights out of the week? We guarantee to bring in some excitement and  something new and fresh to your establishment.  

Song List

Rockeoke Song Menu (pdf)


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